Hi there, I’m sitting with our Health Coach and Thermography Tech Amy Boelk who is SUPER excited to share with you about how you are genetically wired to eat.  Who doesn’t want to know if they are a Bear, Tiger or Deer? 

Meet Amy Boelk



Amy is in charge of our other Wellness Services.  At Total Health we look at the whole person and not just the spine.

Some of her services include:

  • facilitates our advanced blood lab draws
  • goes over the report with patients
  • makes nutrition or lifestyle recommendations
  • and does our infrared Thermography images.


If you want to learn more about Amy or the services she offers, click the link below to watch her short video where she talks about how to find out how you are genetically wired to eat.
Amy Boelk

Meet Health Coach Amy Boelk


Thanks and Keep Smiling. ?